“My husband contacted Andrew about a house he had listed that we found over the internet. We were both impressed at his quick response to our calls. As my husband was ill, I flew into LA for 7 days to find a house with in-law quarters. I brought the documents Andrew said would help the process of attaining a house. He worked tirelessly with me. We saw 30+ houses. He was good at getting a hold of the selling Realtors who would not call back in a timely fashion. He was knowledgeable about the areas where we were looking even though he also works in other areas. He could tell me what zip codes were better than others. Andrew is professional, knowledgeable, considerate. and untiring. He heard me when I told him some specific things we needed. I highly recommend him. We found the perfect home for two families. He was able to recommend people to give us estimates for necessary improvements to the house.”

-Patricia & Harold Williams